07 February 2013

A Different Kind of Valentine

I love Valentine's Day, I love having a holiday to celebrate love. Why shouldn't we celebrate it? I'm a love baby and regardless of having a Valentine, it's one of my favorite times of the year. If you remember my silly New Year's Resolutions theres a lot more to getting out of the comfort zone than turning off my humidifier.

Going on a blind date was a hint at my new adventure...

I haven't really blogged about relationships since I started this blog for two reasons.

1. It's really hard to write about a relationship without it going wrong
2. There really haven't been very many significant relationships to write about.

Since I was four years old I wanted to be a wife and mother. In fact, for my fourth birthday party we washed dishes and painted our nails like Mommys do. It became an all consuming frustration after high school and through college. I am so grateful I didn't get married right out of high school, I had no idea who I was then, nor did I love myself. If you don't love yourself, how could you possibly let someone love you? Well, we've made it through some very big emotional hurdles. I'm so grateful for these years where I learned about myself, and well... it's time to put myself out there.

So I am, in fact. I may or may not have signed up for ....

online dating.

This is totally happening, and I couldn't be having more fun. There's a lot to say, and so I thought I would tell you myself.


  1. JESS! You are so beautiful and mature and just LOVELY. HAHAHAHHAHAHA "Why they have that so close together, I'm not sure..." HAHAHAHHAHA "and we.... have yet to see a response from that" HAHAHAHAHHA "What's the worst that could happe-- There's a lot that could happen. You have to be incredibly careful." HAHAHAH ohhhh oh wait oh my gosh. I LOVE THIS. Awww you ended it so-- OH MY GOSH I miss you

  2. Jess! You crack me up! I am totally in love with you, and want to hear MORE of your voice :) So I had a stint in online dating. Here are two tips: If they are too good to be true, then yes, they are infact... TOO. GOOD. TO. BE. TRUE! And second. Always meet for a first date at a public place. I had a really WEIRD guy once pick me up from my house (well, I didn't know he was weird yet) and when he got weird I realized how creepy it was that he knew where I lived! I am so proud of you! You look fantastic!! Love you friend!

  3. I looooved this. You are a natural vlogger. I am so glad that you put yourself out there. You deserve to find that special someone.

  4. Dude. You were born to vlog. More, please.

  5. I just want you to know that I admire you more than a normal person should. You seriously are living my dream and I am inspired by your courage and passion to follow your dreams and your heart! I wish you all the best and I hope that I didn't just cross the blogging code :/ thank you for putting your heart on the line I appreciate who you are!

  6. I like Layla's comment! You were born to vlog! You are amazing for putting yourself out there and you deserve to find someone who appreciates all the wonderful things that make up the amazing person you are!